for State Senator for the 26th District

Ceci Maher headshot closeup

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I am Ceci Maher, I’m running for 26th District State Senator, and I request your support.

I’ve spent nearly all my life in Fairfield County. I grew up in Stamford, worked in New Canaan and Darien, volunteered in Westport, and raised my family first in Norwalk and later in Wilton, where I call home.

In a lifetime of living in our community, I’ve met people from all walks of life – and I’ve seen that we share so much in common, no matter who we are and what city or town we live in. Our neighbors are fundamentally good and decent. We care about our families, our towns, and one another. We turn out to help in natural disasters and we show up to support our neighbors in times of need.

In 20 years of leading nonprofits, volunteering, and holding local public office, I’ve had the chance to make an impact on some of the most important issues our communities face, from educational opportunity to access to food and housing.

It’s been a tough few years for so many of us, from the pandemic to the economy to national politics. But I remain optimistic about our future because I know we can work together and make progress on our community’s most important issues.

Let’s work together! I am asking for your help in getting my campaign off to a strong start.