Re-Elect State Senator Ceci Maher

We Did It, Thanks to You!!

Dear Friends,

We are the ONLY 26th District State Senate Campaign to have achieved all qualifying dollar and donor requirements for the Citizens Elections Program!

This wouldn’t have happened without you and a broad coalition throughout the district.

You have sent the message: We are mobilized and ready to win!

I am so proud to say that all the towns in the 26th demonstrated their deep support for our campaign, with an average donation of: $56.52

Now our real work begins! As Democrats, we know we need to work together to make lasting change. Whether recovering from the widespread disruption caused by the pandemic or overcoming an individual challenge like putting food on the table, we all want a secure future for our families – a world-class education for our children, good-paying, career-track jobs, and healthy strong communities.

I have the experience and passion to transform the challenges we face into opportunities to better support Connecticut families. As a trusted Democrat, you can be sure I will never waver in Hartford in representing the needs of our Towns.

With your continued ideas and support I promise to lead and work to ensure a thriving future for Connecticut!

Thank you,